Monday, April 27, 2009

Bangalore Duathlon

Date: June 14th
10k run + 20k cycle
5k run + 10k cycle

The exact format is being worked out. (cycle,run or run,cycle or run,cycle,run)..... Since its being conducted by RFL and RAC-F, it should be well organised.

At last, something that suits me perfect..... running+cycling. I beleive i have a niche when these two are combined. Let me see how it goes. But i need to train hard to be in prime shape for this. I hope to finish the 10k run +20k cycle in less than 1:45:00. Or should i fancy my chances at victory in the 5k run + 10k cycle? Where i hope to do it within 0:50:00?

Anyway, i need to try out a practice run/ride to check how high/low these goals are

Current mood: stupidly overconfident
currently listening to: Njaan Ara - Avial

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