Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The adventure that didn't happen

I was way too sleepy.... But we decided to watch Philadelphia instead...... But we watched 'Pyar ke side effects' instead..... then at 2 in the night, we decided to go to Cantonment station to have 'coffee' and 'masala tea', two of us on one motorbike, and one on cycle..... But we headed off to Nandi hills instead.... But we stopped for coffee at Cafe Coffee Day at 3 am..... got a flat on my cycle, and the Nandi trip got cancelled, with the mobike carrying the three of us, and the cycle resting on my shoulders....

All this happened without anyone at home knowing anythin abt it..... Not that it matters much..... But its a top secret...... at least because we took care of everythin not to wake anyone up doin our sneaky adventures!

Confused, abt what this is all about? Well, we din't have a clue either. It was just one freaky idea after another..... an adventure that never happened, but yet an adventure that never happened! (The repitition not a typo btw)

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