Monday, January 12, 2009

Benagluru Midnight Marathon 2009

Did my best official timimg at a marathon (5hr 55 min). I say "official" because i did the first 42.2 km of Bangalore Ultra 07 in better time, 5hr 50 min.

Anyway, I'm happy with my performance, especially considering that it hasn't been even two weeks since TFN.

Special thanks goes to RFL, for the support to slow runners like me, when the marathon organisers' support was dwindling.

Organisation of the marathon: Better than previous editions. At least there was water till the end! But they threatened to close down support and certification at 5 and half hours instead of the 6 hrs they had promised on the website. A friend and myself got really pissed with this... yelled at them.... and decided to run and not be swept, And yeah, they did keep it open until the 6 hr time limit. But, we had to do the final 45 mins dodging vehicles and facing the glare of oncoming vehicles amidst darkness. This part, was seriously annoying.

But the frustration against the organisers fueled a 2nd wave and both of us covered the last 5 point chillar km in pretty good time.

Overall, I felt i could have managed my run better. I could have shaved at least an additional 20 mins that way. My 4:1 plan (4 min runnin and 1 min walking) din't happen at all. It became a random run/walk, as i was trying to syncronise with others.

And RFLers, especially the women did us proud being in the top 3 of most events.

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Chetan said...

Don't worry dude... My personal opinion is that you did great!
I could see commitment on your face during the run...

My God, I will at least need a year more to run like you...

Thank you so much for all the motivation.

And the stretching tips... ;)

neuromancer said...

@chetan: Thanks man. And hope ur muscles have returned close to normalcy by now. Mine still are in the recovery phase.

anita said...

great stuff, sudhir! congratulations!! and thanks a ton for that much needed hydration on the first leg of my run. there were no water stops for a while since i was the 7th runner and by then most of the folks had packed up!

neuromancer said...

@ anita: Hey champion! Congrats! Go Runner girls! U made RFL and RGI proud! My pleasure in helping ypu out in whatever little way i could.