Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Event3 from earlier post did not happen as my rear derailleur blew up(literally) on my way to the venue (And i had to push the cycle 10 km). So all i did was sit (plus sleep) at the supplies tent through the night to help Santosh do his 24 hr run (plus Doc Rajat and Shumit doing 100+km too, and Gaurav hovering around on his cycle through the night). Had good company from Balu, Anita and Santosh's parents through the night, plus tonnnes of yummy food. Carbo-loading got a new meaning that night!

Morning came and Event4 (Bangalore Ultra 2008) was calling! And the weather was perfect throughout the run! But yet i screwed it up. Didn't end up doin 75 km. Mismanaged my run! Did my first coupla 12.5 km laps way too quick. And that screwed the rest of the run. Third lap was sorta ok. But in the 4th lap, killed lot of time walking. Got disgusted at the slow pace i was moving at. I wasn't down n out. But muscles were sore. Mathematical possibility of completing 75km within deadline was out too. So, lost enthu.... Quit at 50 km. Could have done another lap too. But didn't see the point.

Things that went wrong for me:
Lack of training: the longest training run i had done was the half marathon at KTM. (But domestic n work situations didn't spare me any time)
Trail was trickier and harder than last time: Some sections were pebbly. So, doing a slightly longer by-path which was slightly longer would've been smarter. There were more elevation changes, thus slowing me down more as i was doin walk-the-ups-n-run-the-downs.
Did the first two laps way too quick: Did first lap in 1:35 and second in 1:45. Much too quick for my capacity. That definitely affected my next coupla laps. Shud've followed what A1 once said, "run as slow as you can, and then try running even slower".
Lack of a challenge: There was no one to discourage me this time, and thus no sense of fighting back.
I was plain sucky: I guess that doesn't need much explanation!

But still happy in being part of history in at least some tiny way..... in helping Santosh becoming the "Indian who covered the longest distance on road in 24h" by doing 156 km. Just a tad bit short of 100 miles.

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I'm sorry for so few pics, and that too this crappy!
Reasons (read excuses): The sun wasn't out. As a result, the lighting wasn't that great. So was the colour composition. Plus i had a real bad mood close to the end. Yeah, but if u look at Anita Bora's pics, u'll figure out that i'm just giving excuses.

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skroderider said...

Great pics!

anita said...

hey, nice pics sudhir! i liked the ktm pics too!

and i can't take pics while i'm running, while you seem to do both very well! :-)

neuromancer said...

@anita: Thanks!

Well, that's when the poor point-n-shoot-ers have an upper hand over the DSLR-ers :)