Saturday, September 13, 2008


After tonnes of plans along with Vinay and Arun, of going to different places on the previous evening, we did not go anywhere but home (me in Vinay's house though).... Me and Vinay slept on the terrace discussing philospohy in the biting cold...... Next day, the travelling urge still lurking, we decided to check out this place Vinay had heard of.....

Destination: Bevinatta
Explorers: Me, Vinay
Route: Attibele-Hosur-Dankanikotta-Anusanai-Bevinatta

After boarding different cheap-fared-buses, we got down at Anusanai, and headed out to walk a beautiful stretch of road from Anusanai to Bevinatta...... The bright green paddy fields flanking on each side of the road..... A range of tiny hills at the distance in blue..... The silent road sparing only the sounds of rustling leaves, bird calls and the roar of the wind...... We saw a gushing stream and dipped in..... enjoyed the massage of the forceful waters.....

We walked the road again, drippin wet with the river water......... the sun and the wind slowly drying it up, letting us stay at a pleasant temperature throughout.....

And finally, we reached Bevinatta, after we walking either 4,6,7 or 9 km (well, that's what was the distance according to different locals we asked)...... Well, Bevinatta is no tourist spot. Its just an arbit village. so there was nothing to see there but a nice village..... A village with a view though.... the roads further ahead led to a reserved forest..... A range of hillocks at a distance...... A hillock overseeing the village, with a temple on top...... Our eyes got everything expected of the place we had in our minds

Vinay's dad's friend who lives there, told us that the forest has wild animals too, and that it is accessible..... thus deciding on coming here some other day, we boarded the bus back to traffic-jam-city.

Next time, we could probably go there by cycle and stay overnight on the hillock or in the forest........

Current mood: trying to evade the thought of work that has piled up.
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p.s: You might be wondering why there is no picture, but the thousand words instead. Well, for vagabonds like us, there is no knowledge of when we would decide to head off. So there was no advance notice for the camera to join me.


indira said...

I liked your blog !
Am so glad that you are a lesser geek than you were when I had met you :)

What about the nanotechnology and godlessness dreams ?

Not sure if you remember me. But I guess you do remember the funny sanskrit exhibition that venkatesh sir conducted in MES college ? :)

neuromancer said...

@indira: I don't remember you :( thanks to the geekier times when all that mattered was knowledge n wisdom

But i'd like to catch up. I do remember the wierd exhibition and how wierdly off-the-topic we were.

Nanotech, well..... sorta drifted into other branches of science and figured that everythin is damn interestin. Currently doin neuroscience.

Godlessness:.... i still believe in whatever i did back then, with slight modifications. But i'm not atheist right now, but agnostic.