Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoughts running in my head

- Experiments to distinguish Central Pattern Generators(CPGs) vs Chain-of-Reflexes networks for larvae and adult drosophila
- Which is the best sport that India should train in to increase its Olympic gold tally the maximum in the next Olympics?
- A biomechanical theory on the adoption of different gaits in going up and coming down a vertical in Drosophila
- If both the trot and gallop of horses are to be explained by the pogo-stick model, how does just the phase difference between the legs, create different natural frequencies?
- Oh! that girl, mmmm,...... who was she, dammit.... she was so..... nice
- When will i get a girl?!
- I think its better off being single... no pressures
- CPGs! CPGs! What was it about CPGs?
- oh Shit! Have forgotten about writing the Sympotein review
- Opamps!...... Have to build neurons! Will have to design the dendrites and synapses
- I need a girl, who would go cycling with me long distances, then we'll snuggle up all tired (not sweaty though) in some picturesque spot somewhere far far away......
- I need to cycle somewhere around 500 km away
- I need to find keys to my locker which have my cycle keys locked inside
- I haven't updated my comic for ages now
- I need a girl!
- I need new results to give Boss before the end of the month
- How do I train for winning a marathon?
- How long does it take to train to win an olympic medal?
- Chuck it all, I need a girl
- First publish paper, then worry abt everything else
- But still..... need a girl

Current mood : Lost in thought
Currently listening to : Taare Zameen Par - Shankar Mahadevan et al

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