Thursday, June 19, 2008

Preparing for my first ever talk to a research audience

I have given a talk before to bio students at the planetarium abt the GAl4-UAS system. But never given any sort of talk to a research audience. People expect me to be a good speaker, but i do not know if i'll live upto it.

The occasion: The NCBS sympotein on animal locomotion. The sympotein is a great idea that the NCBSites have caught on to, where students present about a generic topic after reading up all relevant papers and reviews on that topic. It takes time n effort to read up everything, including the dull n boring papers. But, its a really good learning experience. I definitely feel wiser after reading just half the papers.

This sympotein, as of now is scheduled to be somewhere in the first week of August. An awful lot of time left..... Am excited already.

Current mood: Itching to read another symp paper, but still cribbing abt filling lab notebook
Currently listening to: clicketly-clickety-click-click all around

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