Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running in the rain again

........ only, this time some stuff was different

1. It was dark
2. It wasnt pouring as it was last time.... only a steady heavy drizzle
3. I had company (Kiru running and Ann cycling along. Or else i probably wouldnt have ventured to run in the dark)

Did it in pretty decent time for running in water (~4 km in 27 mins). And also happy that my injuries seem to have healed.

Its so much fun when running in the rain, especially with company (and splashing water at the others, as u run). Kiru was gasping for breath in laughter.

Again, we were the subject of astonishment and envy to ppl in the cozy comforts of cars.

Thank u kiru and ann. (And sorry for all the water i splashed into ur mouth!)

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Anonymous said...

Too much! Went through the last few posts of yours. Majorly into running and all now eh?

Damn. Now I want to do the same. :)

Sudhir P said...

@AC: Yup. Me majorly into running. U can try running at the b'lore marathon on dec 3oth to run 7km for starters

Btw, wat r u doin these days man?