Monday, March 19, 2007

Hey! Howdit start?

Caution: This poem is understandable only by ppl who know abt the incidents mentioned. (Else it may sound like total Gibberish... which is the intention by the way. But u can still get a hint about some gross stuff)

Oh! It all started with late night walks
Greeted with a purpose by street dogs' barks

From treats for 'same-pinch'es on similar shirts
To the fireworks at night with transformer bursts

With sweet golconda wine and talks on the lawn
And sweeter whispers and gestures until dawn

Of blabbering in sleep
About emotions so deep
It might have all been just a dream
Or so at first sight, it might seem

By the pool on artificial-moon-ed nights
Were the loveliest ever mosquito bites

Of exciting stuff on boat rides when everyone's away
Of the late evening at the garden that went our way

It all still seems too good to be happening for real
If its all just a dream, waking up will be a huge ordeal

Btw, what is 'it'?
Its all a matter of rising dopaminergic levels in the head.

The poem is dedicated to the cause of the dopamine surge.


Correction: To make it more precise, its an increase in dopamine and norepinephrine levels and a drop in seretonin levels

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