Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Why do I need College?

Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! College! Its such a waste of time! My life is so hectic and busy. I enjoy being busy on something productive. But, I have to go to college only to listen to boring lectures, the content of which I can enjoy and understand, which I can read on my own and enjoy. I have to sit through classes, even though I know all that stuff. You might say that, I may learn something that I did not read anywhere. Yes, to an extent. In fact, there are some classes, which I really love. But, I have to attend all the other dumb and boring classes, just to listen to a good one.

I am trying to collect money for a book on Quantum Mechanics that costs 100$. So, I am freelancing to get the money. There are this Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics classes I attend at the weekends, at the Planetarium(Bangalore). They are great, and I need to keep working on problems given there, and also work on practical sessions. This weekend course is what is more interesting and worth than the main college course of BSc.

I wanna dedicate 25% of my time on freelancing , 65% on REAP (the weekend classes I've been talkin about), 7% to household work and 3% to college. Unfortunately, I dont see a way through all this.

Any suggestions?


Arunkumar KL said...

Hi Sudhir,

In fact i am using this spot to talk to you on your interest. Nice to meet a quantum mechanic in you. I tried to figure out the particle world thru my visualisation, in my good old days. I have been extremely fascinated by the magnificent dynamics of the particle world. I pondered a lot on the uncertanity principle and i almost suceeded to find the both elusive events lsimultaneously ( ofcouse in my mind world !!!!! ). I thirsted to know what guided that minusculed world and what made the particles behave as the most intelligent species.

In fact I am fond to run thru the philosophical side of science. How theory of relativity can be guaged in philosophy/ I feel it talks about the eternity principle. it holds the key in saying that a physcial particle can be eteral ( get to posses that elusive energy which sustains the physical to stand as eternal and immortal ). If that is copletely realised, a human can also be eternal.

also Lord krishna speaks about the relativity theroy in a divine way when he accounts the 'living' of brahmam in everything everywhere. such was the indian lands prolictivty in good olden days.
you know indian scriptures and indian brains spelt out splendidly the philosophic principles in a very scientific way but we do not potray this as such these days.

anyway i feel you agree with the above comments and possibly respond me.

Sudhir P said...


So someone is INDEED looking at my blog!

So about philosophical part of science........ Yes, science in its deepest sense is philosophy.

Ancient Indian Philosophy is beautiful, and I agree that it isnt portrayed philosophically, but rather as a set of rules. But I still do not consider it wise to connect it to 'relativity' in its exact mathematical sense, and its philosophical consequences(i.e. not the english 'relativity')

Anyway, we shall debate it here. If u have any points, I would be benefitted in my picture of the world.

Keep posating!